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Sell Diamonds NYC

Albert and Son’s wants to buy your diamonds. We pay competitive prices for all diamonds including but not limited to diamond rings, jewelry, bracelets, loose, rare, exotic, gems and colored diamonds. We are one of the few diamond buyers open 6 days a week.

Sell Diamonds for cash in our NYC office now, we buy all diamond rings, loose, rare, exotic, large or small. Competitive pricing guaranteed.

Do you have a diamond, or diamond ring that you are looking to sell?

Get fast cash for your diamonds by selling your unwanted diamonds to us at our Manhattan Office. Once we set a buying price for your diamond, you can receive your cash in as little as 5 minutes.

We Buy Engagement Rings

When determining the value of your diamond we must consider the four C’s. They are the color, the cut, clarity, and the carat. The color ranges from D to Z and D being the best. The clarity is self-explanatory for more clear it is the higher the value. The cut is also very important A flawless cut means more money for you. And then we have the carat size, the size is an important factor and bigger is not necessarily better.

The 4 C’s of diamonds are the cut, color, clarity and carat. The better the cut and more clear it is and having a good color will mean the diamond is worth a lot more money. Not all diamonds depreciate over time, some appreciate and it goes by the rarity and how much it is desired. We are a certified diamond company that sells and buys diamond from the public. We offer a no hassle, no pressure appraisal of your diamonds and any other jewelry you wish to sell. We have been in business for many years and have built a great reputation as NYC’s biggest diamond buyer. Albert and Sons cares about our customers and will gladly go the extra mile for them and help them out. Whether you want to upgrade a diamond, coming out of a divorce, or simply just need cash we have a solution available for everyone.

Every Diamond is Unique in its Own Way

Engagement rings can find new life and purpose when relationships go south. So can loose diamonds, rare and exotic gems. Many charming pieces, even when designed with individualistic flair, are valued as much for the emotional attachment to the giver as to its actual value. Sometimes the value of such precious pieces deflates when the person is no longer alive, abandons the relationship or part ways.

Albert and Sons sees no reason why such items have to remain in viewing distance, because sometimes they serve as painful reminders of a lost love or a love gone wrong. Sometimes diamond jewelry is such an expression of the relationship that it’s impossible to separate the giver from the gift. When the relationship is gone, the diamond ceases to have the dazzle effect it once had. A marquise cut was selected for a reason. There’s something about the pink diamond that led to it being preferred over a white diamond. Gems can make such a dramatic statement to the gift receiver. They enable the giver who is short on words to speak volumes.

So when those precious stones and jewels no longer mean what they once meant, people decide to find a new home for them. Albert and Sons offer an option that many in the New York area are turning to. At Albert and Sons we have appraisers that can examine each piece and make a generous offer.