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David Yurman

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If you are looking to sell any new user or worn David Yurman jewelry in the NYC area then you are in the right place. We specialize in buying all of David Yurman jewelry including necklaces, charms, chains, rings, bracelets and many more items. Feel free to call us for a quote we are located in midtown Manhattan and are open 6 days a week. You can click to the bottom to book an appointment or get an appraisal, as well as call us at our number, or fill out the form to the right for a quote.

The David Yurman manufacturer was created in 1980, with the style of a trademark wire band in sterling silver and gold decorated with colorful gems, developed by artist David Yurman and his wife. All of us focus on David Yurman jewelry and also have the knowledge to price and buy all designs and types of David Yurman jewelry. We recognize the price that the jewelry may keep in the used market. David Yurman has created a numerous legendary items of jewelry. While selling, which means that you get a better value for the item.


While the Wire band was David Yurman’s first famous style, the manufacturer currently has a number of other significant selections including; Silver Ice (adding silver and pave diamonds), the Gear Series, and the X Series. Indeed, from legendary Wire bracelets to his new selections, David Yurmans projects determine easy American luxury.


The style became an immediate image and remains as a foundation of the manufacturer today in addition to among the worlds most precious jewelry designs. David Yurman remains devoted to making classic designs that reveal calm American luxury art-designed to become used and styles that become the basis of ones clothing.