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Between 5th & 6th ave
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Gold & Silver Record High
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SILVER: $41.00 Per Oz


PRE-1964 COIN SILVER (90%): $32 Per Oz (31 Times Face Value)


Thinking about selling your gold or silver?silver1

Have no idea how to sell gold or silver?

How do you find the best price for your gold or silver?

Wondering if you should pawn your silver or gold or sell silver or gold to a jeweler?

Worried about dealing with the “as seen on tv” guys when you read about the cash for gold scams out there?

You are not alone!

Albert and Sons Jewelers was founded over 20 years ago way before all the guys you see on tv now and we don’t have the negative reports on tv, radio, newspapers and internet posts about the public being taken advantage of when selling their gold and silver.


We promise to pay more than ANY of our competitors!

We pay more than:

Pawn Shops
Coin Dealers
and especially the “as seen on tv” guys!

Even more importantly, we post exactly what we pay on a live chart right on our website. The chart shows the current payouts for 10k. 14k. 18k. 22k. and 24k. gold as well as gold bullion bars and rounds. We also post prices for sterling silver. coin silver, 800 silver as well as pre-1965 dollars, half dollars, quarters, and dimes as well as silver bullion bars and rounds.

We also do things differently than the “other” guys.

We go directly according to the World Market Trade for the demand of your items and derive a price accordingly. All Prices update every minute to the current global market in order to best compensate our clients.

You come to our Manhattan location and we determine a price you will love, we offer the highest prices paid for silver items in New York City’s Diamond District

Within an minutes we will let you know our offer. (which is based on the current prices) and you have the option to accept the offer and choose payment method or reject the offer in which case we return your items to you immediately.

NOBODY does business the way we do.

NOBODY will pay you more and treat you with the respect you deserve.